Looking At The Common Drugs For ADHD – Safer Alternatives To Give Your Child A Happier Childhood

Most parents are aware by now that the common drugs for ADHD that are prescribed are liable to cause some side effects. But when they read more about those side effects, they begin to get a little uneasy. Now we all know that any drug is likely to cause some side effects but the ones for ADHD really put us on high alert. The FDA is on high alert too because they are taking no risks at all because they have slapped the black box warning on all these meds and they are covered. But what are the side effects of the common drugs for ADHD and should we really be alarmed?

I was not really alarmed at all because I thought that some of these side effects may have been hyped up by interested parties. However when I read the American Journal of Psychiatry’s recent issue, I began to be concerned. You see in their article, they have stated that the children on these drugs for ADHD are seven times more likely to suffer from sudden death, due to cardiac arrest or other heart related problems. We are talking here about long term use and with subjects who are susceptible to heart problems because of genetic reasons or congenital malformations

When you add that to the number of articles on sudden death from Ritalin which are now on the Web, you begin to wonder about the safety of these drugs. You see, there are over 10,000 entries on this subject now on Google. There is still an amazing lack of information and details about the whole area of sudden death from the whole range of drugs such Adderall, Cylert and Concerta. The risks and the numbers may be insignificant but the FDA is taking no chances. So, should we not do the same?

What are the alternatives to the psychostimulant route? First of all, these meds should always be considered as a last option rather than the very first option. In any case, medication will not cure or even treat ADHD effectively. We now know that any type of behavioral therapy or simple more effective parenting skills will actually have a much greater impact on the ADHD child than any of the common drugs for ADHD.

But is there alternative medicine which carries no health risks or even have any side effects? ADHD homeopathic remedies are the answer here as they are perfectly safe and free of side effects.

So, why risk your child’s health with the common drugs for ADHD? Given that there are no clear answers at all from the pharmaceutical companies and researchers, why not seek out what is a perfectly valid and effective option. Isn’t it time you gave your child a better chance in life?